2017 Rural Delivery: Plant and Food Research looks into alternative species for aquaculture in New Zealand (episode 17)

Newpaper articles

2017 Nelson Mail Article: Researcher probes deep secrets to boost fish stocks (Jan 2017)
2017 Seafood NZ June 2017 link
2016 Seafood NZ February 2016 link
2013 Sydsvenskan article about insect monitoring (link)
2004 Newspaper article in the Spiegel (link)
2012 Article written by the Lund Postdoc Society about my colour polymorphism research

Public talks

2017 SING workshop in Auckland (Feb 2017)
2017 Professional Development days (organised by the Maurice Wilkens Centre at UA): Auckland and Wellington (March 2017)
2011 Falsterbo Bird show, oral presentation 'Change in range limits and species interactions due to climate change'


Seafoodm NZ

“Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution” Dobzhansky (1973)